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Sunset Boat Tour

Sunset Boat Tour

Sunset Boat Tour
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Alanya sunset boat tour is a wonderful entertainment tour that we organize in the cool of the evening and the romance of the sunset as an alternative to the daytime boat tour. Alanya, which is beautiful during the day, is also beautiful in the evening. The moonlight hitting the sea, the stars and the wonderfully illuminated historical red tower, the shipyard and Alanya. The walls of the castle offer a magnificent view. In the Alanya sunset boat tour, our boat leaves the Alanya pier, as in our daytime boat tour, and sees the historical red tower and the shipyard from the sea. Then, it visits the sea caves, pirates, lovers and phosphorescent caves below the sea of the Alanya castle. Depending on the sea waves, During our ongoing tour, we watch the world-famous Cleopatra beach from afar and take a swimming break at Ulaş beach, which is a quiet beach. Our lunch is served on our boat anchored in the new marina of Alanya. Our boat has a modern music system, entertainment and animations for adults and children. During the Alanya sunset boat tour, we have 3-4 swimming breaks in available places. Our boat goes around the open sea and completes its tour at the Alanya pier.
We welcome our guests who have limited time, who have other schedules during the day, or who want to enjoy the sun on the beach during the day and do something in the evening, on our Alanya sunset boat tour, some of which may be fun and some may call romantic...

* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel or accommodation in Alanya with our shuttle vehicle
* Directory
* Dinner (grilled chicken, rice, salad)
* Unlimited soft drinks (water, cola, fanta, soda, soft drinks)

* Alcoholic beverages
* Photos

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